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Works and Maintenance

We show the result of our interventions in terms of infrastructure, conservation and maintenance of our village!

Sign placement


Placement of tourist sign

Placement of luminaires at pedestrian crossings

Pedestrian crossing lighting

Installation of LED luminaires on pedestrian crossings

Exterior painting of EB1

EB1 painting

Exterior painting of EB1

Rehabilitation of public bathrooms

Public bathroom

Rehabilitation of public bathrooms

Redevelopment of the auction space

Market garden

Requalification of the space surrounding the auction house

Placement of palm trees

Placement of palm trees

Placement of palm trees on Avenida Eng. Duarte Pacheco

Painting and covering the Junta terrace


Terrace paints and flooring

Placement of paper bins

Paper bins

Placement of new paper bins

Placement of benches

Placement of benches

Placement of new benches on Avenida Eng. Duarte Pacheco

Cleaning the fishermen's ramp


Ramp cleaning

Rehabilitation of the multi-sport facility


Maintenance and rehabilitation of the sports center

EB1 rehabilitation

EB 1 Santa Luzia

Rehabilitation and maintenance of EB1

Rehabilitation of the playground


Rehabilitation of the playground

Water tank painting

Water deposit

Painting and rehabilitation of the water tank

Installation of awnings


Installation of new awnings

EB2 Santa Luzia

EB2 facade painting

Exterior painting of former elementary school

EB2 Santa Luzia

EB2 interior refurbishment

Requalification of the interior space and placement of protection on the windows of EB2

EB2 Santa Luzia

EB2 room requalification

Requalification of the EB2 guitar classroom

Interior requalification of EB1

EB1 requalification

Work at Santa Luzia Primary School

bus stop.jpg

Redevelopment of the bus stop

Paving and painting the bus stop

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